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The nerve center of the city, where all Swedes pass during their day.

We must keep in mind that the station has several parts because it encompasses all the lines. So the part of the red and green lines, since it is not the original line of the station, does not have decorations. We must go to the part of the blue line or, for example, start at Kunstradgarden to go in one direction. 

When we reach the tunnel, we can recognize that being on the blue line, the color of the cave is obviously blue. This idea, according to Per Olof Ultvedt, is to relax travelers since this station is the busiest, with people coming and going from work, the station tries to calm you down. The colors are the most relaxing, and the design is curious… we can see that there are marks on the walls and ceilings. These marks represent the passage of the year.

We see tulips in one of the exits, snowflakes on the sides of the center, and tractor marks in the snow, wheat spikes representing summer, and three autumn leaves. When we go up the stairs, we see dark silhouettes on the walls of people. Well, they are the real workers of the station, notice that each of the silhouettes is unique. In reality, the artist wanted to have written the names of all the workers, but that would have seemed like inscriptions on tombstones.

If we go to the train area, “pendeltag,” and find the main exit, we can find this hole in the cave that is quite worthwhile. The union between the train and the metro also has artistic designs playing with lights.