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Whether you are planning your next trip to Stockholm or are already in the city, you have probably heard that the city’s metro is worth seeing. Since the first metro line started in 1950, they realized that people were going to spend quite a bit of time underground, so they decided to make it a little more beautiful. All metro stations are an art exhibition, adding up to more than 90 km of art. Obviously, not all stations are equally impressive, and each one is different. It is quite difficult to know which ones to see, which is why we are making this post where we explain the best stations and a little about each one.

First of all, to enter the metro, we must pay 38 SEK for a single ticket. This will be valid for 75 minutes, which means that we can enter any other means of transport in the city during this time. We can take boats, buses, trains, and trams during this time. Once we enter the metro, we have plenty of time to visit the stations.

All stations have something artistic, and living here every day, we find something new. But when you come as a tourist, we obviously have to prioritize. There are six stations that are essential, and then we have other stations added to our list, which are enjoyable, beautiful, and have curious things, but if we skip them, it’s no big deal. So check the other stations to decide if you want to go or not.

The list of essential stations is:

  • Kunstradgarden
  • T-Centralen
  • Radhusset
  • Fridhemsplan
  • Solna centrum
  • Stadion

And the interesting but optional stations are:

  • Thorildsplan
  • Hallonbergen
  • Ostermalmstorg
  • Universitetet
  • Tekniska Högskolan
  • Mörby Centrum

After this introduction, you can now do the metro tour on your own. Our recommendation is that you start at Kunstradgarden, and go to Solna Centrum (all on the blue line), and then go to Stadion, deciding if you want to see any other stations in between.