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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do “Free Tours” work?

The concept of Free Tours is based on paying what each person considers fair. The tour reservation is free, and at the end of the tour, depending on the guide’s effort and how much you enjoyed it, you can pay more or less. We believe that quality tourism should be accessible to everyone, and with this idea, we strive to give our best on each tour. Some travelers may pay 10 euros, while others may pay 50 – it’s entirely up to each individual.

  • How can I make a payment?

We understand that not many people carry cash, so we offer online payment methods. You can pay with a credit card and other online methods like PayPal. However, we also accept cash, and being a registered company for cash payments, the bank allows us to deposit both Euros and Dollars.

  • If I only want to take one tour, which one should I choose?

It depends on personal preferences. If you prefer a more general tour, go for the Old Town tour. If you’re interested in something more historical, choose the New City tour. For a more cultural experience, opt for the Södermalm tour.

  • Are the tours accessible for baby strollers or wheelchairs?

The Old Town route is a bit inconvenient due to a set of stairs, and it varies for each family. Some strollers have managed the entire route, while others found it challenging after 20 minutes. However, the most comfortable route is the New City tour, as it has no stairs. On the other hand, Södermalm is too challenging due to numerous stairs; it’s the only route we advise against for those with reduced mobility.

  • What happens if I arrive late for the tour?

The tours are designed considering that some travelers may arrive late. Between the introduction and the initial information, about 10-12 minutes pass. If someone arrives later, we can assist as long as they notify us in advance, so we can send the live location. However, calling 30 minutes later asking for the location makes it difficult to find the guide.

  • How many people are in each tour?

We aim for groups of around 25 people. If necessary, we send multiple guides. However, there are instances where we have 30 reservations, but only 10 people show up, or vice versa – 25 reservations turn into more than 40 due to errors. We need reservations to determine how many guides to send and organize the groups better.

  • Why do groups of more than 6 need to book separately?

Pre-formed large groups have caused issues on numerous occasions. We’ve had reservations for 25 people, such as a family from a cruise who didn’t show up. Or a group of 20 people where half were interested, and the other half were not genuinely interested in the tour. There was even a group of 23 students who ran off just before the tour ended to avoid payment, and when we contacted them, they denied it.