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The Town Hall station, inaugurated in 1975 and designed by Sigvard Olsson. The pink color of the station is very important, taken from the idea of the Atlas Mountains in North Africa. The overall idea of the station is to give tribute to the most important things of Kungsholmen Island

We see enormous wooden boxes, but in reality… they are not wood but cement. Each of these boxes are “parms” which were used as a volume measurement in the past. They contained 17.7 cubic meters, used to calculate the hay rate. At the metro exit, we have a street called Parmmätargatan.

In one of the exits, we see baskets embedded in the wall. They are 17th and 18th century baskets from the old markets. We also see the arch of a door where the train comes to go to Kunstradgarden. It is based on the Vadstena Castle built by Gustav Vasa in the 16th century, which is sunk in water. That’s why the artist introduces this arch, sunk in the ground.

The best-kept secret of the station is the boots hanging from the ceiling. The phrase says “the happiness boots of Hantverkargatan”. It seems that the name comes from all the artisan establishments. But on the other hand… on the street just above the metro station, there is a shoe store. Interestingly, it is called “Alicante Shoes”.

The most important object of the station is the impressive column. It seems to be the foundations of an industrial chimney, from the factories on the island.