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Vasa Museum Tour

Rainbow Tours Stockholm

The best preserved warship in the world. The Vasa museum is undeniably, the most well known attraction of Stockholm. If you want to get the best of this amazing ship, book our tour to learn all its hidden secrets.

We will meet by the entrance of the museum, and skip the waiting line as we enter together. On this tour we are going to see everything from the historical background of Sweden in the 17th century, to the smallest details about wood preservation.

We will start by going over the Swedish Empire and the war in which Gustav Adolf had the ship commissioned, what was the purpose of the ship? Who was the enemy during these years? Something happened during the construction and the ship sank, what happened? and whose fault was it? Many years later it was found and salvaged, but this was no easy task. We will go over the engineering project together and show you the maps used in the 19th century to find the location of the ship, and how it was found in the 1950s. Once it was salvaged, a time capsule of the 17th century was opened and many secrets were revealed of how life was back then. This tour is the perfect choice for the ones who want to get a deep knowledge about everything that happened, in and out of the ship.

Bring us all of  your questions, because we want to answer all of them!


General Information
Starting Time: 10:00
How to find us: we will be waiting by the entrance, you must walk in with us.
What is included? The ticket fee is included in the price of the activity.
What is the duration?  It will take 2 hours.
  • Historical background
  • Purpose and meaning of the ship
  • Tragedy on its maiden voyage
  • Saving the ship
  • Sculptures and secrets
  • Life on board
  • Archeological projects of the museum