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Rainbow Tours Stockholm

At Rainbow Tours we are extremely passionate about what we do. At first, our mission was to show this beautiful city to those who were interested. We started showing the city through Guruwalk and FreeTour, and after some months we started taking history lectures at the university. With every month our love for the city grew, and every little secret we found, we introduced in our tours. We firmly believe that tourism is for everybody to enjoy, therefore, we ensure our tours are available for everyone.

How have we become the Nº1 on Tripadvisor? Firstly, our tours. We have carefully designed all our tours to create the best way of enjoying Stockholm. Through all of our tours combined you can get an extremely deep vision of this city, from its history, culture and architecture, to its most notable artists and scientists. Each of the tours is customised to the area visited, giving you the best posible understanding of its history while sharing anecdotes and entertaining the participants.

Secondly, our team: we are all travellers who love Stockholm and never get tired of it, we are always learning more and want to be the best. Each of the guides does the tour in a different way, giving the same historic view of the most important events, but tailoring it to their interests. We all are (or were) students in Stockholm and started the tours as a part time job, some of the guides have already found office jobs but still want to do the tours during the weekend because we have so much fun! 

Are you someone who loves showing Stockholm? Do you enjoy being in front of crowds? If you are a people person and have great communication skills you might be our next guide!

If you would like to apply as a guide you can fill the application form.