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In this station the artist wanted to remind us of what we have above ourselves, the sky. In the middle of the station he painted this beautiful rainbow.

Towards the exit of Valhallavägen, we can see the S in the colors yellow, red and blue which are the colores of the Djurgarden futbol team. The M that we see on the wall represents the School of music that we have on the other exit. We can also see a representation of the Olympic Games of 1912.

There are some stations that are beautiful for pictures, and some others that have a deeper message, this one is definitely the beautiful one!

the next stations that are worth it are scattered throught the city and each one has different themes:

Tekniska Högskolan: this one is the engineering university that has scientific references.

Universitetet: this is the station of Stockholm Univeristy, and we can see murals with Linneaus travels around the world and his discoveries.

Östermalmstorg: it might be strange at first glance, but it has references to philosophers and musicians.

Thorildsplan: It is quite cute because it is the Mario Bros designed station!