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The station designed by the artist Ingegerd Möller focuses on the nautical and ecological theme. In the middle of the station tunnel, we see a seagull hanging from the ceiling designed by Torsten Renqvist. On the sides of one of the tunnels, we see a mural on the wall. This type of mural was very common in the 70s as a political rebellion message. In particular, this piece looks like graffiti, and the original design was one. It is signed as Målvadarna, a group of artists who occupied a neighborhood in Södermalm between 1977 and 1978.

We will find 4 exhibitions of objects found in the sea, through 15 years. The 4 showcases have objects collected by the artist in the 60s on the coast. From the first one, in 1960, we see completely natural objects that we find on the beaches, but as the years go by, we find other objects. The following years are 1965, 1970 and 1975. The latter is full of oil and plastic because in 1977, the Russian ship Tsesis (the same reference in Kunsträdgården) spilled a thousand cubic meters of oil on the Swedish coast.

In one of the entrances to the platform, we have a small sailboat, and on the other side, a flag on the floor next to the wall.